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Register your copy and get download access.

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Register your copy of 2D Toolkit to get download access, and access to the private support forum.

Please follow these steps:
1. Click on Profile
2. Select Modify Profile > Group Membership
3. Request membership of the 2D Toolkit group, and in the next page, enter your asset store invoice number in the "Please give a reason for joining this group:" text box.

Where to find the invoice number

If you have purchased recently, you will have received the invoice as a PDF attachment. It should look something like the attachment below - the location of the invoice number is highlighted in red.
NOTE: The invoice number is NOT the same as the filename of the PDF - you will need to open up the PDF and get the invoice number as shown in the attachment.

If you purchased prior to the time Unity started sending out PDF invoices, the invoice number will be in an email sent by Unity. The format should be something like this:

--- Code: -------------------------------------------------------------------
      Order Invoice
      Date: 2011/10/1
      Invoice no: [b]XXXXXXXXX[/b]
      VAT registration (CVR nr.): 30719913
      Unity Technologies A/S
      Livjaegergade 17, Baghuset, 1. sal
      DK-2100 Copenhagen

--- End code ---

"Registered Members
Every member of the forum is a member of this group."

And I cannot get access.

If you have any issues with the above instructions, email the invoice to support at unikronsoftware.com and I'll sort it out for you. Please also mention your forum username.

Hi, Is there an estimate on how long it typically takes to get activated on the private forum? I submitted the request earlier today.

I've been using 2dtk for a while now and I need some guidelines on parallax scrolling but I can't access the forum topic :-(


@NMD - these are approved by hand, so it could take a while. I've approved yours now.


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