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Title: 2D Toolkit 1.57 final
Post by: unikronsoftware on February 26, 2012, 12:25:53 pm
Final maintenance release 1.57

FEATURE: Dithered 16-bit textures - enabled as an compression option on the sprite collection. Use Dithered 4444 for most cases. Treat this feature as still in beta...

BUGFIX: Sliced sprite now has dimensions separate to "scale" parameter
BUGFIX: UpdateCollider bug fix, unreachable code
BUGFIX: Added tk2dCameraAnchor script to component menu
BUGFIX: Converted all line endings to Unix
BUGFIX: Camera alignment demo, offset slightly as 2 sprites were overlapping
BUGFIX: Gradient demo, fixed typo
BUGFIX: Error when clicking "1:1" when no camera is defined
BUGFIX: Sprite alignment now snapped to pixel boundaries
BUGFIX: Sprite collection defaults to blended rather than premultiplied, better gains to be had from dithered 16 bit textures than premultiplied alpha.