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Title: 2D Toolkit 1.7 final
Post by: unikronsoftware on May 03, 2012, 01:02:46 am
Here it is, at long last, 1.7 final.

BUGFIX: Serialize mesh button fixed (tilemap)
ANIMATION: SetFrame made public
TK2DCAMERA: default far clip plane increased to 1000, the same as a normal camera
BUGFIX: Tilemap editor data crashes when multiselected with the tilemap data object. Unity bug. This is a workaround for this bug.
BUGFIX: Tilemap builds on flash, but dynamic Build()ing won't work yet - i.e. not possible to change tiles dynamically. This is fixable, but waiting to see if Unity implement the required functions in the next release.

Two planned features didn't make it, an updated tilemap GUI and an interface for saving and loading brushes. The functionality is there for this, but I think its unwise to pile any more code into a release this big. This will be updated in a future release. No demo scene for tilemap editor yet, but I'll be updating docs and adding tutorials for the new features next.

Unity 3.4 is "unsupported" in this release, but it does work.
Title: Re: 2D Toolkit 1.7 final
Post by: unikronsoftware on May 05, 2012, 02:00:58 pm
If anyone updated to 2D Toolkit 1.7 final + patch 1 from the Asset Store, there is a bug there that causes trimming to fail and textures to appear cropped. Please either revert to this version, or apply the fix here http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/93287-2D-Toolkit-2D-in-Unity-made-simple-RELEASED?p=913615&viewfull=1#post913615 (http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/93287-2D-Toolkit-2D-in-Unity-made-simple-RELEASED?p=913615&viewfull=1#post913615)

This only affects that particular version, 1.7 final on this thread isn't affected by it.