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Hello.... just posting a quick message to let you know Ps2D will now support 2D Toolkit once it is approved on the Asset Store.

More details http://u3d.as/6Us.

The quick version is:   It's a component that converts your Photoshop docs to sprites.  It's great for creating characters that have say 20-30 layers because it'll lay it all out for you so you can get on with your animations.


Support / Re: Unreal 4?
« on: March 20, 2014, 01:16:25 pm »

Don't be lured by that UE4 succubus.   

We still need you to fight against the GUI injustices of UT.

Your work is not finished here champion.

Death to the Z-Axis!!!


Support / Re: How to Add Sprite Buttons
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:23:28 pm »
Add a tk2dUIItem component to your sprite.  Ensure it has a collider.  Then wire the event via code or the inspector.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Ya, I saw in the Asset Store rules "No .unitypackages need apply".  Bummer.  I know ProBuilder2 uses them for the purposes of Good, but I understand why Unity is not onboard.

I'll start with #define for now.  Thanks for the advice.


I'm in the process of releasing an asset (http://stevekellock.com/ps2d) and I'm looking to add tk2d.

The thing is... I'd like it to be optional, but contained in the asset.

I've seen what the ColliderGen guys do with their reflection-meta-fu, but I'm thinking that might be overkill for me (beyond my skills and patience :) )

Basically, I don't want to blow up people's projects because they don't use tk2d like I do. 

Are ifdef's an option?
Should I comment out all tk2d references?
Do I rename the files to .txt so they don't get loaded?
Maybe offer an additional download?
Code generate the .cs files?
Suck it up and go meta like real programmers?

Just wondering what the best approach as I get started refactoring here.


Thanks for tk2d btw. 



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