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Support / Unity Stalling when tilemap selected in Heirarchy
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:37:31 pm »
So TSIA, but anytime I select the tilemap in my heirarchy it seems to stall Unity. If I'm patient and click on something else it returns to normal and everything is smooth. I can run the game fine and all is swell; I just can't touch that tilemap.
It's unusable and I don't know why. It was working fine until today when (and seriously I changed nothing in relation to the map. I've not even had code-calls to it) it just started stalling.

Maybe it's been this way for a bit and I've just hadn't touched tilemap in a while to know. No clue why it hates me, but it does. I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about what fun we used to have.

Anyway. No clue.

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