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Hello guys, Unikron, I've been trying to accomplish something in the last few days to no avail, to decribe what is trying to do, I have set up my tilemap in the scene, each layer has a z offset of 1 from the previous creating 7 different layers, each layer has a sorting order in layer that increases from back to front like this:

Back layer sorting order = 1
Back layer detail sorting order = 2

Back Mid layer sorting order = 4
Back Mid layer detail sorting order = 5

Mid layer sorting order = 7
Mid layer detail sorting order = 8

Mid Top layer sorting order = 10
Mid Top layer detail sorting order = 11

Top layer sorting order = 13
Top layer detail sorting order = 14

Walls Filler layer sorting order = 16

if we see each layer as a depth i leave a open number between each so i can make my player and enemies sprite componen sorting order that number like this:

If player is at bottom depth, player sprite sorting order  = 3

If player is at bottom Mid depth, player sprite sorting order  = 6

If player is at Mid depth, player sprite sorting order  = 9

If player is at Mid top depth, player sprite sorting order  = 12

If player is at top depth, player sprite sorting order  = 15

I do this since I'm using a perspective camera so my sprite don't draw on top of layers that they are actually below to, but want I want to do is to draw a "shadow" of such sprite on top of the layer above like this:

If player is below N depth, draw shadow on top of N depth

I have tried setting the sorting order of such shadow to 20 but if draws on top of the player also, what I want is to draw such shadow in front of everything else BUT the player itself, I tried using rendering queue setters to no avail, and have no idea how to use the sorting order in other way that the said above to acomplish this.

So, help please.

And even if you don't have and answer thanks for reading all my ramblimg up there. :D

Support / Unity 4.6 not letting me create 2D Toolkit in Heirarchy
« on: December 12, 2014, 10:19:08 pm »
The tittle pretty much says it all, I was wondering what to do, so far I created empty gameobjects and attached 2D Toolkit scripts to them and so far it works but compared to the previous way it's slow, so I was wondering if there is a fix for this or update?

Support / Sprite deformation with collider on contact
« on: December 10, 2014, 12:37:50 am »
Hello I was wondering if I can achieve a particular effect that is a sprite deformation of both the sprite and its collider using 2D Toolkit, like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6VXzL3jZQY at 30 seconds in you can see the effect well enough.


Support / Pre Rendered Lights on a Tiled Sprite
« on: October 11, 2014, 09:28:28 pm »
Hello Unikron and fellow forum folk, I have been trying to bake lights (just the light no shadows required) from a point light to a tiled sprite to reduce  memory usage in my game, I have seen several tuts on lightmapping, basically I check the object as static, place all the lights I want to bake, select baking options and bake, from what Ive seen the only component required to do this is that the objects to bake have mesh renderers,  and my tiled sprite does, but when I set the lights, set the tiled sprite as static and bake the tiled sprite goes black and if I disable the lights there is no pre  light on the tiled sprite, my sprite collection generate normals, my sprite collections material is the tk2dlitvertexcolor and the recive lights, what am I missing here?


Support / TileMap Tiles Strange lines appearing
« on: August 05, 2014, 08:45:43 pm »
Hi, I've been having some trouble working between 2 machines (since it may be related, my machine runs on Nvidia and my collaborators machine runs on AMD), while working on my pc everything looks fine but when I import the project to the other machine the tiles of the tilemap and some sprites have some weird lines in ther box bordes (not the sprite itself but the square space that holds the sprite), like the sprite has on its borders a portion of another sprite.

The sprites look good in the sprite collection editor on both machines, same in animator collection for the player, this just happens during runtime.

Sorry for the bad english, if more info is required please tell me.

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