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Support / Alternative message subscribing directly on tk2dUIManager
« on: June 11, 2013, 12:38:01 pm »
Would like to suggest something for future releases. It would be nice if we could listen for events directly from tk2dUIManager also (using the On..UIItem event which also returns the involved item).

Showcase / Stackout - a game for GPI's retro Unity Contest
« on: January 07, 2013, 04:43:45 pm »

Fabian Smith (concept and graphics), Luigi di Guida (music and sfx), and I (Daniele Giardini - concept and coding) just released the free version of Stackout, a game made for GPI's retro Unity Contest.

The contest was about making a game inspired by a retro classic, and we chose Breakout. Fabian added a lot of verve with the circus-retro style he created, Luigi created a suprising relaxed and original score, and we implemented an original and somehow "different" gameplay. The game is 3D, but all the GUI and the main menu use the always awesome 2D Toolkit (along with my own open source 2D Toolkit library, which allows to implement buttons and toggles very easily) :) Here is a video of the contest release.


You can also download and play it (Win/Mac) from here.

Now we're relaxing a while, and then back to work, to implement a lot more stuff and then think about different ways to release it.

Here you can see all the finalists (meaning all the teams that managed to complete their game in time ;))

Showcase / The Hate Combinator
« on: November 23, 2012, 12:38:31 pm »
I just realized I never posted here. I always use 2D Toolkit for my games (if not for the whole game, at least for the UI).
The Hate Combinator is my latest short game. It was done in 3 days for the FuckThisJam competition, where you were challenged to do a game in a genre you hate.

Here are all the infos, and you can play it or see a trailer: http://www.holoville.com/games/games/thehatecombinator/
And here is the official fuckthisjam page: http://bmo.fuckthisjam.com/submissions/37-the-hate-combinator

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