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Support / Need help with tilemap
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:49:37 am »
Hello everyone; I have a problem with tilemap. First, I use atlases with separated sprites instead of spritesheet. Second, sprite sizes are different, not only tile size - there are bigger, smaller.
And problem is there - when I somehow change atlas with sprite, tilemap on scene dont display new sprites. And old. Sometime it can be fixed by Unity restart (when I only add files). Now I delete some sprites, add some new - and new sprites isn't in palette. I recreated tileMapData - it doesn't work.
I just did all except creating ab rand new atlas - dropped data and recommited, create new tilemap with new tileMapData and tileMapEditorData - but in palette there are broken pieces. I just don't understand what to do with this, especially if it will be not test tilemap, but assembled level, and there will be need in changing some tiles...

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