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Not sure what's going on since this is affecting previous builds that were working fine. Anyway, say I've got a tk2DSprite script & tk2DSPriteAnimator script attached to an object. If I try to use the tk2DSprite Collection drop down box to change sprite collections or the tk2DSpriteAnimator Anim Lib drop down box to change animation libraries, I get hundreds of error messages "Failed to Insert Item. Name:" followed by the name of the sprite collector or anim library that I can't access and an incrementing command #. With the Sprite Collections, it's alphabetic (so everything after a certain point in the alphabet just doesn't show up) & with anim library is based on oldest to newest so any new anim library I create is inaccessible.

With Sprite Collections, I can get around not being able to use the drop down menu by drag & dropping it, but that doesn't seem to work on anim library. So I'm kind of sunk with not being able to use half my animations & ALL new animations. Game seems to run fine in its current state, but I can't really edit or add anything to it without being able to attach animation libraries. Not sure how to fix this.

I'm using Unity 5.6.6f2 & on a Win10 laptop.

Getting a weird bug here.

If I right-click in a folder, select Create -> tk2d -> Sprite Collection or Sprite Animation, it won't let me change the name of the file. I can change the name in the Inspector but it doesn't change the file name & if I try to do anything, it'll default to "SpriteCollection" or "SpriteAnimation" as the name. Clicking the file and pressing F2 does allow the file to be renamed.

On the other hand, if I click the pre-existing create button under project and use that to make the collection or animation, sometimes it'll bring up a dialogue box and let me create the file with another name. Other times, it'll just auto-generate a file with the generic name.

It's not a dealbreaker since F2 solves the problem, but it's a little inconvenient. Using Unity 5.3.1p2 (PC & Vita).

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