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Releases / Re: 2D Toolkit
« Last post by unikronsoftware on November 26, 2019, 06:08:39 pm »
Its because you can have the UI separate to the instance (its usually in a scene). So it should be created by then, or if it isn't it hasn't loaded yet.
Support / Re: Issues with Unity 2018
« Last post by FZGames on November 21, 2019, 04:43:11 pm »
I have found a workaround for when it doesn't always save collections properly (when it updates the atlas but not the prefab, so you lose your sprites after a while and it loses all the references).

I've noticed that when you press 'commit', it updates the atlas only, but then if you press it AGAIN, the prefab gets updated and you're usually safe. So every time you update a sprite collection, hit the 'commit' button TWICE.

The way I make sure it worked every time is I have a git client running. Before I make any changes I commit everything, then when I save my updated sprite collection, I look in the git client in the list of changes, see if it shows the .prefab file as well as the atlas file. If not, click commit again until it shows up.
Releases / Re: 2D Toolkit
« Last post by zblack on November 15, 2019, 08:26:47 pm »
May have found a bug in tk2dUITextInput Start():

Code: [Select]
if (tk2dUIManager.Instance__NoCreate != null) //__BUG__ if tk2dUIManager doesn't exist yet, AnyPress doesn't get added!
tk2dUIManager.Instance.OnAnyPress += AnyPress;
wasOnAnyPressEventAttached = true;

Curious why this is using Instance__NoCreate instead of just instantiating it?
Support / UILayout and textmeshes
« Last post by edb on October 24, 2019, 08:03:41 pm »
Quick question - can tk2dUILayout resize a tk2dTextMesh?  It gets repositioned but the size/scale remains the same. 

The UIDemo #2 does not show an example doing this, all the textmeshes remain the same size when the LayoutDemo gameobject resizes.  Assuming it's not possible to resize but asking to make sure. 
Support / Sprite Effects Example !
« Last post by kenshin on October 13, 2019, 11:49:12 pm »

I understand problem iwth effects is because of tk2d sprite renderer diffrence from unity's one.

Could you please give us a guide how to make effects like 2DxFX shaders usage (outline etc) in toolkit2d ? we can rewrite those shaders by ourselves. Just need some practical guidelines for it. Plus, u can mention differences about tk2d rendere and sprite renderer etc.

thx for the great product again  ...
Support / Re: 2d Toolkit deprecated on store
« Last post by Arnold on October 13, 2019, 09:31:50 am »
I'm really curious if open sourcing it would enable a community based continuation of the plugin.
I'm a super novice programmer and always used 2DTK because it is so easy and abstracts away most
of the bullshit you have to put up with Unity's 3D nature or it's 2D implementation.
This kind of community stuff still needs supervising so again i'm not sure how feasible it would be.
Support / Re: 2d Toolkit deprecated on store
« Last post by unikronsoftware on October 12, 2019, 02:13:36 pm »
@Arnold - I'm happy to support issues in older versions of unity, no need for any money - Its a shame I couldn't support newer versions of Unity moving forward. 2D Toolkit is a project very dear to me.

I have considered making it open source, if there is any interest in it...
Support / Re: 2d Toolkit deprecated on store
« Last post by Arnold on October 11, 2019, 01:23:24 pm »
Wow, this is the saddest news i had to read in a long time!  :-\

All my games are at least 75% 2DTookit and to lose such an awesome tool in the future, is really sad.
I understand your concerns and i guess there is not much fun in fighting Unity bugs instead of
improving the plugin it self. As other have asked is there any way to send you some money to support
your ongoing support for the older versions?
Releases / Re: 2D Toolkit
« Last post by birdkingz on September 23, 2019, 08:15:15 am »
Thanks for the fix!
Releases / Re: 2D Toolkit
« Last post by baconbanditgames on September 16, 2019, 07:15:23 pm »
Is there an update to work on 2019.3?

"tk2dCamera.GetGameViewSize - has a Unity update broken this?
This is not a fatal error, but a warning that you've probably not got the latest 2D Toolkit update.

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at tk2dCamera.Editor__GetGameViewSize (System.Single& width, System.Single& height, System.Single& aspect) [0x00021] in D:\Games\Green Sauce Games\Tales of the Orient - The Rising Sun\Assets\TK2DROOT\tk2d\Code\Camera\tk2dCamera.cs:371
tk2dCamera:Editor__GetGameViewSize(Single&, Single&, Single&) (at Assets/TK2DROOT/tk2d/Code/Camera/tk2dCamera.cs:430)
tk2dCamera:GetScreenPixelDimensions(tk2dCamera) (at Assets/TK2DROOT/tk2d/Code/Camera/tk2dCamera.cs:709)
tk2dCamera:UpdateCameraMatrix() (at Assets/TK2DROOT/tk2d/Code/Camera/tk2dCamera.cs:782)
tk2dCamera:OnEnable() (at Assets/TK2DROOT/tk2d/Code/Camera/tk2dCamera.cs:275)

I haven't tested this extensively, but a quick workaround is to update the Editor__GetGameViewSize function with this:

Code: [Select]
public static bool Editor__GetGameViewSize(out float width, out float height, out float aspect) {
width = Screen.width;
height = Screen.height;
aspect = (float)width / (float)height;
return true;

This will not work if you select "Free Aspect" - you must select an explicit resolution in the editor.

It does seem to work with any chosen, explicit resolution. I have not checked to see if this has any negative effects, use at your own risk!

Also worth noting that it may not work with how you have your tk2d camera(s) set up!

Note that this error happens in Unity 2019.3+ because Unity removed UnityEditor.GameView.GetMainGameView. As Unity 2019.3 is still in beta, most plugin authors likely haven't looked into this issue. I'm thinking we'll see a more formal solution from the community and/or other plugin authors after 2019.3 is officially released, at which point a proper solution can hopefully be implemented.
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