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Author Topic: 2D Toolkit 2.2.2  (Read 29384 times)


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Re: 2D Toolkit 2.2.2
« Reply #15 on: October 17, 2013, 05:21:38 pm »
tk2dUICamera issues... Cannot click a button viewed by a perspective camera with a tk2dUICamera script on it,  When an ortho camera has a tk2dUIcamera on it.

Unity 4.2.2f1
working before tk2d 2.2.2 final, Any thoughts? my brain hurts from this. tried the 3dui demo in a fresh load.

That is an embarrassingly bad typo bug :( I apologise for the inconvenience, I should have spotted it sooner. I will upload a patch (2.2.3) for this tomorrow.
To patch it in right now:

tk2dUIManager (line 655 or thereabouts), replace:
Code: [Select]
            tk2dUICamera currCamera = sortedCameras[0];
Code: [Select]
            tk2dUICamera currCamera = sortedCameras[i];

EDIT: 2.2.3 is out now
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Re: 2D Toolkit 2.2.2
« Reply #16 on: October 19, 2013, 05:07:25 am »
This is all fixed now with 2.2.3! Thanks for the quick response!

The tile map is programmatically generated. When a new map was loaded, I was destroying the render data and re-creating it before setting the tiles in the different layers.  Maybe something is has changed in the way I should do this. Basically, I was doing the following:

Code: [Select]
// map is tk2dTileMap
map.renderData = null;
map.Layers = null;

// loop though the map and create the tiles
..looping code...
..end loop


When I don't destroy the render data and re-create it, I get pre-fabs left over from the previous map.

Basically, I need to reset the map to be "empty" again, including prefabs, and then re-populate it.  Maybe there's a better/different way to accomplish this.