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Author Topic: ProCamera2D - The definitive 2D & 2.5D Unity camera plugin  (Read 20548 times)


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ProCamera2D - The definitive 2D & 2.5D Unity camera plugin
« on: August 11, 2015, 12:37:41 am »

ProCamera2D is a tool for Unity that allows you to quickly set-up a camera for any kind of 2D game. It supports all 3 axis (XY, XZ and YZ) and also orthographic or perspective cameras so it works great for all types of 2D & 2.5D games. Itís been built from the ground-up with a strong focus on performance and extensibility, meaning you can use it on all platforms (including older mobile phones) and if for some reason the included behaviours donít entirely fit your game you can easily extend it to fit your needs.

- Perspective and orthographic modes
- All axes support (XY, XZ, YZ)
- Follow smoothness
- Multi-target follow with influence weight
- Limit camera distance
- Limit camera speed
- Camera window
- Geometry boundaries
- Numeric boundaries
- Forward focus
- Zoom-to-fit
- Parallax
- Shake
- Pointer influence
- Boundaries trigger
- Influence trigger
- Zoom trigger
- Cinematic focus

And also:
- Unity 4.6.2+ and Unity 5.x support!
- Mobile optimized
- No coding required
- Extensible
- Free updates
- PlayMaker Custom Actions
- 2D Toolkit full compatibility