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Author Topic: Jelly Sprites - Soft body sprite physics system  (Read 19948 times)


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Jelly Sprites - Soft body sprite physics system
« on: December 05, 2013, 02:04:28 pm »
Hi folks,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Jelly Sprites on the Unity Asset Store :)

Web Player

Tutorial Video

Jelly Sprites is a soft-body physics system for Unity and 2D Toolkit sprites, It allows you to quickly and easily convert static sprites into ones that will bounce, stretch and deform, naturally reacting to physical forces in your game.

* Works with Unity and 2D Toolkit sprites.
* Supports both 2D and 3D physics systems.
* Simple to configure, but with in-depth configuration options to let you easily balance quality and performance.
* Supports rectangular, circular, triangluar and grid body configurations.
* Attach point system allows child object positions to react to physics forces just like the visible render mesh.
* Full C# source code and example scene included.

To create a Jelly Sprite, you simply create a Jelly Sprite GameObject, drag a Unity (or 2D Toolkit) sprite onto it, and then hit play! Jelly Sprites work by creating a set of rigid bodies and circle colliders, attached by springs, the movement of which is then translated into the rendered mesh of the sprites. As the bodies stretch and distort, so do your sprites.

Jelly Sprites come with numerous options to configure everything from the spring stiffness and mass of the bodies to the physical layout of the colliders - you can make things as bouncy or as rigid as you want. Check out the tutorial video for more info.

I hope this proves helpful to some people out there! Please feel free to reply in this thread or PM me if you have any questions :)