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Author Topic: Constrain Camera to Tile Map while following Player (with dampening)  (Read 15524 times)


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Hi all,

I was looking around for an example of how someone else may have written a camera script to follow your player, but stay within the tile map at all times.

Couldn't find one, so I wrote this (and commented it) so that others might get some use:

Code: [Select]
//Simple Smooth follow 2D camera that locks to a tile map!
//Written by Adam Corrow
using UnityEngine;
[RequireComponent (typeof (tk2dCamera))]
public class CameraFollowPlayer : MonoBehaviour {
public Transform follow; //Set in unity, you can tag it and use Gameobject.FindWithTag...
public float smoothing = 5;
    public tk2dTileMap map; //Same goes for the tile map, tag it and find it, or assign it manually in the Unity UI
    private tk2dCamera tkcamera; //this is a required component, so we can use GetComponent safely below.

void Start () {
        tkcamera = GetComponent<tk2dCamera>();
void Update () {
        int tileSize = 128; //the size of your tiles.
        Vector3 p0 = map.data.tileOrigin; //Get the lower left extent of the tile map.
        Vector3 p1 = new Vector3(p0.x + map.data.tileSize.x * tileSize, p0.y + map.data.tileSize.y * tileSize, 0.0f); //Now get the upper right extent of the tile map.
        float w = tkcamera.ScreenExtents.width * (1 / tkcamera.ZoomFactor); //Get the width of the screen. If you have no intention to zoom the camera, move these
        float h = tkcamera.ScreenExtents.height * (1 / tkcamera.ZoomFactor); //into the Start() method so that you only get them once. If you zoom in and out though, you want to read it every time.
        transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(
            transform.position, //Lerping from this position
            new Vector3(//to this new position that we are creating
                //first the X coords of the Vector3,
                Mathf.Clamp(//use Mathf.Clamp to limit the X coord of the Vector
                    follow.position.x, //This is our position
                    p0.x + (w / 2),//this is the lower limit of the clamp, it will be the lower left of our TileMap, plus half the width of the screen
                    p1.x - (w / 2)),//same with the upper extent of the x, only SUBTRACT half the width of the screen                   
                Mathf.Clamp(follow.position.y,//Same clamp on the Y, but using Height...
                p0.y + (h / 2),
                p1.y - (h / 2)),
                -10 //Z axis coord of the vector3 we are lerping toward. Maybe you don't need this set to -10...
                ), smoothing * Time.deltaTime); //Apply our smoothing factor to the lerp..