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2D Toolkit
« on: December 05, 2017, 11:24:49 pm »
Please read the migration guide before updating. 2D Toolkit 2.x is not API compatible with 1.x.

Documentation available at:

Be sure to run "Setup for JavaScript" after importing if you're using JavaScript/UnityScript or Boo.

What's new
  • Fixed compile issue in Unity 2017.2
  • Fixed sprite picker in Unity 2017
  • Added shader define to stop auto upgrade in > 5.6
  • More Unity 2017.1f3 compatibility fixes
  • Fixed up Unity 2017.1f3 warnings
  • Exported in Unity 5.6. Previous versions of Unity are no longer supported
  • Removed tk2dSkin.dll dependency. Dll has been emptied out for backwards compatibility
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements
  • Added experimental support for polygon colliders in tilemap. In the tilemap edit page, Edit > Settings > Tile Properties > Use 2D Polygon Colliders to turn this mode on.

Bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed tilemap editor and scratchpad on highdpi displays
  • Fixed half texel offset in tk2dCamera in new Unity
  • Fixed texture watcher bug on Windows
  • Fixed tilemap prefab instantiation bug
  • Fixed tk2dCamera rotation issue, added support for WSA
  • Fixed issue with some inspectors not saving changes correctly in Unity 5.3+
  • Inertial scrolling fix for scrollable area
  • Removed platform specific functionality for WebPlayer, WP8 and Flash
  • Fixed negative box collider warning
  • Fixed input field string doubling up on Android
  • Rudimentary physics stripping to remove dependencies to 2D and/or 3D physics
  • Fixed deprecation warnings for Unity 5.4 and 5.5
  • Fixed texel size when atlas texture is globally scaled 0.5x or 0.25x
  • Editor collider rebuilder script - Don't rebuild when sprites have "user defined" colliders set
  • Texture importer supports "Sprite" textures as input in Unity 5.5