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Author Topic: Setting Starting Item List Dynamically in the UI Drop Down Menu  (Read 1318 times)


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So I'm working with the Drop Down Menu prefab from 2D Toolkits UI system and wanted to know if it's possible to populate the Starting Item List at run time? I'm building a VR game utilizing PlayMaker and I'm trying to create a debugging tool. This tool would be a drop down list of all the FSMs that exist in the scene. Once I select the FSM from the drop down menu, I can then inspect the the flow of that state machine. At first glance it seems that you can only populate the Starting Item List inside the Edit within the Inspector window. I would love to be able to populate this list dynamically because I will always be adding and removing FSMs from the scene. Plus being to set that list dynamically has other use cases as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.