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Support / Can't select Font for TextMesh from SpriteCollection
« on: April 23, 2014, 11:58:53 am »
I going to use TextMesh with custom font that have different textures and font-text-files for different platform resolutions.

All fonts are exported from GlyphDesigner v.1.9.1.
tk2d v.2.4.0.

I've followed this instruction

But font doesn't appear in TextMesh.Font property.
I've check tk2dTextMeshEditor, and found that this font is managed therefore it's excluded from fonts list.

Did I miss something? How to solve this?

Support / Platform Support vs Quality Settings
« on: February 08, 2013, 06:55:00 pm »
Hello Unikron support,

I have a question about platform support (1x/2x/4x) in tk2d (iOS target).

Is it easier/better to design a game in max resolution (4x+mipmaps) and just use Unity "Quality Settings" with "Texture quality: Half res" where 2x textures are required, and Quarter res where 1x are required?

I just did some quick research:

 - One 4x texture+mipmaps is smaller than 4x+2x+1x (without mipmaps)
 - When compressed (pvrtc4), quality of Half res and Quarter res (produced from mipmaps) looks slightly better than its compressed 1:1 variant.
 - looks like that highest resolution texture is not loaded into RAM, only a specific MipMap level is loaded and processed in the renderer. (At least iPhone4 that has 2048x2048 max texture size can load 4096x4096 texture in Half res normally)

Is there some serious issue I do not see, and we should use PlatformSupport feature instead of Unity Quality Settings?

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