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Given his name Jerry Canned was perhaps doomed from the beginning. After years of dedicated service, Jerry was given the boot. But Jerry is not one to go down without a fight. He will have his revenge. He's gonna fire them all!

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Showcase / Gigahurts now available from Semag Studio
« on: November 01, 2013, 02:30:34 pm »
Gigahurts, a frantic computer simulator, is available now on iOS devices and coming soon to Android and other mobile platforms.

Ever yell at your computer for being too slow while you are streaming music, while browsing with 10 tabs, while Skyping, while writing your next article? Donít complain. Itís harder than it looks. See how well you can handle it in Gigahurts, where you are the computer and crunching numbers hurts. Semag Studio (a small NJ based indie developer), announced today that Gigahurts is now available for iOS devices and coming soon to Android and other mobile platforms. This is the first release from the newly formed studio.

In Gigahurts you are the computer. You must juggle tons of programs that are all vying for the same resources. If you cannot keep those programs running, they will crash. Crash too many programs and its Game Over. You can take a walk through computing history as you play Story Mode. From the 60s to today, watch as the computer systems evolve and add more complicated challenges. See how long you can last against a never ending wave of programs in Endless Mode. In Custom Mode you can design your own computer system to make your own challenging levels. Upgrade your parts to perform faster so that you can rank higher on the Leaderboards.

About Semag Studio
Semag Studio is a small game studio based in New Jersey founded by Jordan Hample in 2013. Semag Studio is currently a 6 member team. Members of the studio have worked together under various names for various companies for over 5 years, most notably working on Pixel Lincoln with Island Officials. They finally struck out on their own to form a new studio this year. Their games are currently focused on mobile platforms with some plans of crossing over to consoles and computers. A small team with big aspirations, they already have several titles in development and many more planned for the near future.

App Store Link


Jordan Hample
Semag Studio LLC

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