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Author Topic: 2D Toolkit 1.75 beta 1  (Read 11525 times)


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2D Toolkit 1.75 beta 1
« on: May 21, 2012, 10:46:48 pm »
There may be bugs in the tilemap editor, it has had large changes in there. Please backup before updating.

TILEMAP: Layer visibility
TILEMAP: Preliminary support for isometric tilemaps (paving the way for hex tilemaps)
TILEMAP: Support for overlapped rectangle tilemaps
TILEMAP: Settings panel UI improvements

BUGFIX: Font in sprite collection works when inserted in empty sprite collection
BUGFIX: Confirm deleting sprites rather than deleting them automatically
BUGFIX: Sliced sprite now detects manually added box colliders
BUGFIX: tk2dCamera UI tidy up, shows current camera resolution
BUGFIX: tk2dCameraAnchor checks before updating position, used to break serialization
BUGFIX: Texture in sprite collection editor is displayed offset into the window to make it easier to pick edge points
BUGFIX: Register undo after creating all objects

FEATURE: Allow drag and drop entire directories of textures into sprite collection editor.
FEATURE: tk2dBaseSprite.AddComponent generic function to add a sprite component to a gameobject, will set things up correctly. Use this instead of AddComponent(typeof(tk2dSprite))
FEATURE: tk2dSprite.AddComponent and tk2dAnimatedSprite.AddComponent to add sprite components
FEATURE: Cutout shaders for alpha cutout
FEATURE: Moving points in sprite collection editor displays coordinate in status bar
FEATURE: Option to disable trimming per sprite

STATICSPRITEBATCHER: Saves and restores hierarchy of sprites

OTHER: Updated and consolidated all credits for external art assets used into credits.txt in the demo folder.

Known issues with isometric tilemaps
- Rectangle dragging selection selects in normal coordinates and not isometric coordinates.
- Color painting is broken with iso tilemaps
- Edged painting doesn't work, probably will need to disable it while in iso mode
- There will be a sorting error at tilemap chunk boundaries. There is a fix but it isn't ready yet. In the mean time, if possible, use the cutout shaders.
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Re: 2D Toolkit 1.75 beta 1
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 10:50:31 pm »
Quick tutorial to get started with isometric tilemaps
1. Set up everything as with a normal tilemap
2. In settings > Tile properties, switch tile type to Isometric, set sort method as required
3. Paint some tiles in, the offsets and sizes will likely be wrong
4. Adjust origin and size to fit the cursor. The cursor will be displayed at tile 0,0
5. Paint away!